Now Booking Fall CPR Training Classes

Whether you are looking to gain CPR Certification, renew your CPR Certification, or just want to know CPR for your own personal peace of mind…NOW is the time!

Even if your job doesn’t require you to be CPR Certified it is a great education to have. NTX CPR offers non-certification courses, called “CPR for Family and Friends”.  In this course you will learn all the basic steps of CPR and First Aid; allowing you to be confident that if an emergency situation arises you will be equipped to help SAVE a LIFE!

It is the belief of NTX CPR that every parent should know when and how to properly perform CPR.  When CPR is performed properly it can save a life by restoring blood flow to the heart, brain, and other organs and restore breathing until more advanced life support can be given by trained professionals (911 response team).

Part of our training is to help identify if truly someone needs CPR.  CPR might be necessary in a variety of different emergencies such as bike or car accidents, playground accidents, near-drowning, suffocation, poisoning, electrocution injuries, smoke inhalation, and suspected sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and in many other circumstances.

CPR is most effective when started as quickly as possible after determining CPR is the right choice for the victim. NTX CPR trains you extensively on how to approach and assess a victim in a safe manner.

NTX CPR offers hands-on classes providing each individual his/her own manikin to practice the proper administration of CPR.  This in-depth training experience helps the individual the gain confidence he/she needs to help save a life in an emergency situation.

Come learn how you can SAVE a Life with NTX CPR!

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