CPR for your Pet?

This week a friend posted on Facebook that he witnessed a person performing CPR on their dog. It brought about quite a few comments and so I thought I’d dedicate this blog post to all the pet-lover’s out there!

While I don’t personally offer CPR classes with pet manikins I would be happy to help you learn the proper technique for performing CPR for your beloved companion.

Make sure you lay your dog on his right side, this brings his heart to the top of his body where you will have clean access to begin your compressions. Did you know that you give your resuscitation breaths through your dog’s nose; not his mouth. This is because you can’t get a tight seal around his mouth. If your dog is small enough you might be able to get your mouth around his mouth and nose and form a tight seal; just depends on the size of your dog.

Here’s an informational video on Animal CPR.

**Note that the # of compressions for animals is different than on humans. In the video she does 15 compressions 1 breath; For humans we do 30 compressions 2 breaths!**

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