Man Saved by CPR

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Man Saved by CPR
updated: Oct 02, 2011, 7:33 AM

Source: SLOFD

San Luis Obispo City Fire Department’s Medic Engine 3 and San Luis Ambulance responded to reports of a “man down” on the sidewalk in the area of Pepper and Johnson today. The man was discovered by passing motorists who called 911.

Upon arrival San Luis Obispo Fire Dept. Paramedics found a young man in cardiac arrest and initiated CPR. Fortunately, 2 of Engine 3’s crew happened to be Paramedic trained Firefighters (normally there is only 1). This allowed multiple advanced life support procedures to be completed simultaneously. Using their defibrillator they were able to shock his heart out of a lethal cardiac rhythm. Shortly thereafter, the ambulance crew arrived and assisted in the effort. Additional advanced life support measures were performed to save the young man’s life.

The patient was then transported to the hospital. While enroute the patient regained a pulse, and he began to breathe on his own. The patient was taken by Ambulance and Fire Paramedics to French Medical Center for further treatment.

The SLO City Fire Department encourages everyone to become trained in CPR – it saves lives!


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